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There is no shame in asking for help in life, especially when there’s as much at stake as there is when it comes to marriage counseling. The last thing anyone in this situation wants to see is your marriage go down the drain. You want to do everything possible to save your marriage from the nightmare scenario in which you and your partner find it. When approached the right way by the right people at the right time, marriage counseling can help right the wrongs of any marriage.

Most In Need

First, let’s step back and ask – who can benefit the most from marriage counseling? Many couples seek out counseling every year, but which really “need” it the most?

Some marital groups at greatest risk of marriage trouble and thus in need of counseling include the following:

  • Marriages began at an early age.
  • Marriages which fall at the lower end of the income bracket
  • Marriages which involve interracial or interfaith elements
  • Marriages in which one or both of the participants’ parents have divorced
  • Marriages in which one or both parties are frequently defensive, withdrawn, or angry.
  • Marriages in which open contempt is common.
  • Marriages in which infidelity, toxic or abusive behavior, or substance abuse is present.

The Most and Least Help

Not all couples benefit from counseling equally. Traditionally, couples stand a better chance of benefiting from marriage counseling if the following conditions are present:

  • They are young.
  • They do not display sexist attitudes.
  • They are open to change and new approaches to their marriage.

Conversely, marriage counseling can be the least helpful for married couples with the following features:

  • One or both parties are dead set on a divorce.
  • One or both parties are involved in substance abuse.
  • One or both parties are unwilling or unable to put in the regular work needed to repair their relationship in counseling sessions.

If you meet the categories for effective marriage counseling and want to save your marriage, go for it. Putting in the effort and asking for help is the first step towards finding the marital answers you and your partner need.