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When partners enter into a marriage, they expect that their best years are in front of them. So what are they to do when they find their marriage at its worst? No one wants to think that their marriage might ever get to that point, but the fact of the matter is that it’s better to address those problems and save your marriage than fiddle while Rome (or your marriage) burns.

Thankfully, ways to put out those flames exist. Every year, trained marriage counselors successfully help countless patients save their marriage from the fire – and here are a few ways they do it.

  1. Changing Views

If you and your partner are going through a rough patch, chances are you’re not thinking about one another or things regarding your marriage in a way that is conducive to your marriage’s survival. That doesn’t mean you’re “wrong,” or that your views are invalid, but simply that they may need to change for your marriage to survive. Successful counselors identify and target these views.

  1. Halting Dysfunction

An engine will cease to work if its parts are out of function and are continually grinding on themselves. Counselors seek to identify habits that are causing friction and dysfunction between clients and then determine ways of eliminating them.

  1. Confronting Emotions

You aren’t doing yourself any favors by hiding your emotions. Even if you are doing so intending to avoid a confrontation with your partner, it will only hurt your relationship in the long run. Counselors help patients expose and confront negative emotions in a constructive fashion.

  1. Improving Communication

Communication is key to any relationship surviving, marital, or otherwise. Successful counselors strive to help their clients communicate with one another by taking the information they took from the first three components of treatment here and using it to facilitate trust and communication.

  1. Increasing Strength

As a couple, you’ll need to strengthen your weaknesses and make your strong points even stronger if your marriage is to survive. With trust exercises and other trust-boosting endeavors, counselors can help you do just that.

Don’t let your marriage flounder into “We don’t.” Reaffirm your commitment to “I do” with the help of a certified marriage counselor today.